Contributing to the learning and leadership development for Officers in Local Government
LGPro Mentoring Program

About the Program

LGPro has launched a new and exciting Mentoring Program for professionals working in Local Government throughout Victoria.

This cross-council program brings together Council Officers from all levels to learn from each other by sharing knowledge, expertise and skills. It enables those seeking professional development (mentees) and those sharing their knowledge (mentors) to gain new perspectives and insights into the many rewarding career and leadership opportunities in Local Government in Victoria.

Who can be involved?

The LGPro Mentoring Program is specially tailored to officers working in Local Government in Victoria.

Duration of the program

LGPro’s Mentoring Program is undertaken over an eight month period from the scheduled date of the orientation day. The mentoring relationship can be continued informally once the mentoring program is completed, however it will no longer be administratively supported by LGPro.

Program cost

There is no cost for participation as a Mentor in the Program however you must be an LGPro Member or Fellow.

Cost for each Mentee varies on the basis of Council's Classification (PDF)

  • $825 (Small Council)
  • $965 (Medium Council)
  • $1100 (Large Council)

Prices inclusive of GST

Frequency of meetings

To get the most from a relationship, LGPro recommends meetings no less than monthly. Many pairs meet more regularly, and the frequency and duration of meetings may change during the course of the program as needs change.

Methods of communication

Face to face meetings are the recommended form of communication. However as a cross-Council mentoring program, this may not always be possible. From time to time, alternative means of communication might need to be considered such as telephone, teleconference or videoconference. Less formal communication is recommended for ‘in between’ meetings using email, fax and ‘chat’ mediums such as MSN.

Reporting requirements of the program

The following evaluation process (outlined below) is used to monitor and assess the benefits and value of each mentoring partnership:


The evaluation process starts before the program begins, with mentees and mentors completing a pre-course questionnaire to:

  • Assess their needs.
  • Gather information about issues and concerns.
  • Assist in customising the orientation and debrief sessions.

During the program

Participants are invited to provide written feedback at three intervals during the program to:

  • Facilitate a collaborative learning environment.
  • Enable in-course adjustments to the training if required.
  • Assess participants’ reaction to the course.

Post-program participant evaluation

At the completion of the program, an evaluation is conducted to determine participants’ response to various aspects of the program including information, training methods, course notes, environment and value.

Three-month follow-up questionnaire

A final assessment is conducted three months after the program is complete to gather information about what learning has been retained, what has been applied, and the ongoing value of the mentoring experience.

Program Intake & Training Dates

Series 1 (2018)

  • Program Orientation Day - Wednesday 7 March 2018
  • Mid-Program Review Workshop - Wednesday 13 June 2018
  • Final Program Debrief Workshop - Thursday 15 November 2018

Series 2 (2018)

  • Program Orientation Day - Wednesday 15 August 2018
  • Mid-Program Review Workshop - Wednesday 28 November 2018
  • Final Program Debrief Workshop - Thursday 11 April 2019

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